EPISODE 4: They don't teach you this at law school

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"I can't look this case up in a book," says Dr Kate Seear from Monash Law School. "But it's been imprinted on the minds and memories of people who inject drugs in Australia."

June 1996. Late at night, two young men cross paths on a Sydney street. When the sun rises the following morning, one of them will be found dead.

The events of that evening are murky but, as Dr Seear explains, the resulting court case "sent shockwaves through the community" and we still feel its effects today.

Storyteller: Dr Kate Seear, Monash Law School

Host: Dr Melissa Castan

Topics for law nerds: Criminal law, manslaughter, drug law, law reform, safe injecting rooms, needle distribution, addiction, harm reduction, public health


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