EPISODE 10: The Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior


It's just before midnight on 10 July 1985. The Port of Auckland, New Zealand.

The Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace anti-nuclear protest ship, is sitting at its dock when two massive explosions tear through its hull.

A man is killed onboard.

What follows is one of the most bizarre and sinister of diplomatic incidents.

The hunt for his killers uncovers an international network of spies, and exposes a highly-coordinated attack planned from the highest echelons of world power.


Episode notes

Storyteller: Prof. Jean Allain, Monash Law School

Hosts: Melissa Castan & James Pattison

Topics for law nerds: International law, arbitration, criminal law, terrorism, law of the sea, law of protest, environmental law, nuclear non-proliferation.

Extra material:

Music in this episode:

- Lobo Loco 'Fly of the Brants A'

- Blue Dot Sessions 'Boston Landing'