EPISODE 9: ‘Treachery and Treason’


A series of factory fires in Sydney in 1916 leads to a full-blown treason trial.

The case of the ‘IWW Twelve’ sees a dozen local members of a radical worldwide movement caught in a perfect political storm.

This episode is a sequel to Episode 1: A Dagger at the Heart of Society.

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Episode notes

Storyteller: Dr Stephen Gray, Monash Law School

Hosts: Dr Melissa Castan & James Pattison

Topics for law nerds: Criminal law, jury trials, juries, police corruption, royal commissions, police powers, separation of powers

Music in this episode:

All tracks by Podington Bear:
- 'Elephants on Parade'
- 'Senseless'
- 'Kaleidoscope'

Learn more about the I.W.W.

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EPISODE 1: A Dagger at the Heart of Society

In the middle of WW1, the Australian government launches a stinging attack on an international 'extremist' network of German sympathisers. When a policeman is murdered in a small country town, the stage is set for a showdown between his killers and a political system with everything to lose.