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The biggest legal cases you've never heard of

Each day, law courts make decisions that change the lives of those present in the courtroom. 

Some decisions change society itself.

Just Cases is back!

Season 2 explores some of the weirdest court cases the experts are able to dig up, all for your listening pleasure.

Can athletes be charged with assault for something that happens on-field? Can a baby be the director of a company? Can some consensual sex acts be criminal - if you’re into S&M can you be prosecuted?


[COMING SOON] EPISODE 6: Can you consent to rough + violent sex?

If you engage in consensual sadomasochistic sex could you actually be found guilty of assault? One of the most controversial decisions in legal history. [Release date: 24 August 2018]


"Are AFL footballers above the law?"

A notorious on-field incident in the Australian Football League has exposed inconsistencies in how our legal system treats different perpetrators of acts of violence. MORE


EPISODE 5: Assault on the sports field

August 2018. Can professional sports players be charged with assault? An infamous court case from 1985 may shed light. It involved the criminal prosecution of a man widely regarded as the greatest Australian rules footballer to have ever played the game. MORE


BONUS EPISODE: Explainer - How can safe injecting rooms be legal?

UPDATE TO EPISODE 4: The Victorian State Government has announced it will set up a safe injecting room, located in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Richmond. The number of Victorians dying from overdoses has doubled in the last five years, and in a four-block radius in Richmond 34 people died from heroin overdoses in a single year. How can injecting rooms be legal while drugs are illegal? MORE


EPISODE 4: They don't teach you this at law school

June 1996. Late at night, two young men cross paths on a Sydney street. When the sun rises the following morning, one of them will be found dead. The events of that evening are murky, but the resulting court case is unprecedented - and we still feel its effects. MORE


EPISODE 3: How you can be detained for life without trial

The story of Ahmed Al-Kateb has far-reaching consequences for individual liberty in Australia. One constitutional law expert describes this "shocking case" as one which "shows us how even very clever judges sitting on the High Court can sometimes make terrible mistakes". MORE


EPISODE 2: Help! I crashed my Uber

In the gig economy our cars, spare rooms and spare time have become handy money-earners. But sometimes things don't go as planned. If you're an Airbnb host, an Uber driver or Deliveroo cyclist and you injure someone else on the job, who has to cough up the money? MORE


EPISODE 1: A dagger at the heart of society

In the middle of WW1, the Australian government launches a stinging attack on an international 'extremist' network of German sympathisers. When a policeman is murdered in a small country town, the stage is set for a showdown between his killers and a political system with everything to lose. MORE


BONUS EPISODE: Chief Justice, is the same-sex marriage postal vote doomed?

*BONUS EPISODE* What was the High Court challenge to the marriage equality postal vote all about? Join Robert French, former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, as he reflects on two very similar cases he decided that provide the basis for the recent challenge. MORE


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